0.13mm brown PTFE coated adhesive fabric - XJ-7013

PTFE coated adhesive fabric, PTFE coated adhesive tape, It can be used under the temperature of -70to 260 - details see: //www.packinghere.com/0-13mm-brown-ptfe-coated-adhesive-fabric-10000333
Material: PTFEUse: Bag SealingAdhesive Side: Single SidedAdhesive: Silicone
Adhesive Type: Pressure SensitiveFeature: Heat-ResistantDesign Printing: No PrintingPlace of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)
Brand Name: XJModel Number: XJ-7013thickness: 0.13mm,0.18mm,0.25mmcolor: brown,black, white
max width: 1250mm   
0.13mm brown PTFE coated adhesive fabric XJ-7013
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Main capability and characteristics:
1). It can be used under the temperature of 196 to 320, which has the capability of weather resistant and age resistant. Under practical situation of high temperature of 250 for 200 days, not only the intensity will not decrease, the weight will not reduce; if put it under the high temperature of 350 for 120 hours, the weight only decreased by about 0.6%; under the situation of -180 , it will not chap and keep the original pliability;
2). Hardly to adhere any material; it is easy to wash away the blot or other dust such as resin, coating material, etc.
3). Chemical corrosion resistant, it could resist acid, alkali, aqua fortis and various kinds of organic liquid corrosion;
4). Capability of medicament resistant and non-poison, almost to resisting all kinds of medicament;
5). High capability of insulation (small permittivity: 2.6, the tangent is lower than 0.0025), ultraviolet resistance, static proofing;
6). Fireproofing and flame resisting;
7). Easy to use and long using life.

Application range:
A: sorts of high temperature roller submerging, works of calefaction slab, membrane doffing;
B: heat sealing of food, pharmaceutical and plastic bag
C: cushion pasting of slippery pond, stuff funnel, aircraft mould, etc, it also could be used on platen, thermoplastic doffing module;
D: suitable for other surface disposal such as glue proofing, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance.
E: it could be used in the fields of packing (including thermoplastic), compositing, thermoplastic seal, electron and electric.
Specification: thickness: 0.08mm, 0,13mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.25mm
width: 10-125mm
length: 10-50m
color: brown, white, black

Packaging Detail:as the contract
Delivery Detail:within a week

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