10 Litre Semi-Collapsible Jerry Can - LM-10

10 litre semi-collapsible jerry can,also called semi-collapsible water container,it is for carrying and storing drinking water - details see: http://www.packinghere.com/10-litre-semi-collapsible-jerry-can-10050892
Material: PlasticUsage: WaterType: BucketPlace of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Model Number: LM-10   
10 Litre Semi-Collapsible Jerry Can
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10 litre semi-collapsible jerry can/ water container,

Capacity: 10 liters.

Model: LM-10

Weight: 200 grams

Material: Manufactured of food grade LDPE. The material used must be tested by recognized laboratory for the transport of water for human consumption and to withstand drop on a hard surface from minimum 2.5 meters containing maximum volume of water at 25 degrees centigrade. The test will be considered successful if no leakage is observed after the drop. The height of the drop will be measured from the ground level to the bottom of the container.

Must stand by itself, even when filled with less than 1/4 of its maximum volume.

Operating temperature: can withstand temperatures of -20c to + 50c.

Average thickness: 0.6mm and minimum corner thickness 0.5mm.

Fitted with: with a built-in carrying handle with minimum 9 cm long and 3 cm high, with no sharp edges and a screwable cap for filling and discharge that is linked to the container by polyamide string with diameter of min 1mm and approximately and 120 mm length. The inner diameter of cap approx 35 mm.

Second useage: wash basin, it is useful for emergency& relife.

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