creative woods wallets

1.selected high quality solid wood ,ebony/zebra/cherry /bamboo ect for options, 2.stable and strong ,not easy to break - details see:
Material: woodUse: Carton SealingAdhesive Side: Double Sided 
creative woods wallets
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1.The walnut wood wallet is handcrafted out of a single piece of wood. Because of this it is extremely strong. It will not break if it's in your back pocket and is smaller than many normal sized wallets. A leather strap is secured to the wallet and it's finished off by a magnetic clasp that securely holds its contents in place. This wallet is ideal for credit, business, and id cards. You may even be able to fit a few dollar bills in there. We promise you wont be disappointed with the craftsmanship and quality. The Wallet can fit up to 8 credit or I.D. cards

2.Who is the Wood Wallet For?

Really anyone that wants to carry their cash and cards around. We have people who just use them to carry their business cards, A lot of women like to use the wallet as there secondary wallet when they don't want to carry everything, they will throw a card or 2 along with some cash in it and go out for the day or a night out on the town. We really made the wallet for everyone who wanted a minimalist look and feel with an eco-friendly bent to it. Not only are you getting a cool product, but you're also helping the environment which is pretty cool.


The design is quite simple. We use lasers. Not quite like the lasers from a James Bond movie but laser cut the wallets out of a solid piece of wood. The corners are rounded to mimic the shape of your credit cards and also slide easily in and out of your pocket. On the top and bottom of each slab there are thumb size slots to access your goods. We also added notches on the side of the wallet that help keep your rubber bike tube band in place so it doesn't move, securing your cash and cards. To finish them off we laser engrave our iconic Proof logo with interlocking O's.


All the wood we use here is sustainable sourced from the highest quality timber available. The birch wood used in our wallets is layered to provide a great amount of flex and durability.

Bamboo is one of the strongest natural fibers known to man. Bamboo offers some flex and give, while offering protection against impact and wear and tear.

To keep your valuables protected and safe, we use high quality bike tires made from the best elastic fibers available. All tires used in our wallets are gathered from local bike shops in the Boise area. The bike tire offers a durability and elasticity a normal rubber band or elastic cloth band can not offer. With time and adding more items to the thinness of the wallet it dose not lose its elastic stretch or break very easily.

We also are going to offer a limited number of graphics on a few of the wallets. Theses we've added to provide a little more swagger if having a wood wallet wasn't enough for you. So check out those options in the rewards over to the right.

We are also offering the double slab wood wallet for those who tend to carry more in there wallet and can provide a little more privacy and protection

Packaging Detail:40cm x 25cm x 5cm (15.75in x 9.84in x 1.97in)
Delivery Detail:10-20 days

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