Die cut products (3m double adhesive)

Die cut products (3m double adhesive), 1,Die-cutting products, 2,ISO 9001:2008, 3,We can produce different shape, 4,Good quality - details see: //www.packinghere.com/die-cut-products-3m-double-adhesive-10000441
Material: PEUse: MaskingAdhesive Side: Single SidedAdhesive: Acrylic
Adhesive Type: Hot Melt,Pressure Sensitive,Water ActivatedFeature: AntistaticDesign Printing: Offer PrintingPlace of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: DifferentName: Die-cutting productsBrand: ISO9001:2008 
Die cut products (3m double adhesive)
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Die cut product
1.Any shapes are available
2.Factory supply
3.Samples avaiable
4.SGS certification,ISO9001:2008

We can make the die cut product according to your request

Insulation sliceis used in electrical and electronics equipment to isolate potential different live part,Short circuit or prevent electrical components.PP, PVC, PC insulating strip has good insulating performance,Colour and lustre is bright,Under the normal non-toxic tasteless,Have excellent corrosion resistance,Strong toughness, high temperature resistance, chemical stability,Resistant to all kinds of acid, alkali, salts chemicals,After adding flame retardant flame retardant excellent results,Of UL94 - where V0 level;And because the thickness is thin (0.2 ~ 0.5 MM),Is small, the insulation of the ultra-thin electronic and electrical appliances product patch first choice.

Characteristics :

Workability:Easy to hot pressing, cutting, coating, laminating and stamping processing.

The corrosion resistance:Resistant to all kinds of high purity of the acid, alkali, salts chemicals

High temperature resistant:A long time at 70 °C ~ 80 °C of ambient temperature,Physical and chemical properties do not change

Range of application:

Widely used in mechanical and electrical, home appliances, electronic products,Because of its thin thickness,More be applied to small volume, ultra-thin, electronics and home appliance products.Coating insulating strip products can be directly relevant to the metal shell wall,Not only can achieve insulation effect,And greatly saves the process and operation time.

We accept customized.

Packaging Detail:200pcs/roll,200-250roll/carton,standard and safety packages.or according to your requirement.
Delivery Detail:7-10 working days,or according to your order quantity

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