High quality modified antistatic butyl rubber tape - PP70

Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness, Special blend of stabilized polyethylene, For steel pipelines protection - details see: //www.packinghere.com/high-quality-modified-antistatic-butyl-rubber-tape-10000377
Material: Polyester, PolyethyleneUse: MaskingAdhesive Side: Single SidedAdhesive: Rubber
Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive,Pressure sensitive,cold appliedFeature: Waterproof,Antistatic,waterproofDesign Printing: Offer PrintingPlace of Origin: Tianjin China (Mainland)
Brand Name: durableModel Number: PP70Flexibility feature: No curing, no hardening, no crackingCertification: ISO9001,SY/T 0414-2007,ANSI/A, WWA C209-00,NACE MR 0274-95
Long life: 50 years   
High quality modified antistatic butyl rubber tape PP70
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1. The base of adhesive tape is composed withreinforced mesh fiber to enhance the tension intensity factorof the adhesive tape several times that of traditional adhesive tape, and such mesh fiber structure mayreduce winding tension and stress of backfilled earth, and reduce possibility of anticorrosion layer deformdue to change of temperature, and alsoresisting external impactto greatest extent increasing of mechanical protection of corrosion layer. As for cathode protection of piping, thecathode protectioncurrent may not be hindered without producing of cathode shielding. Among all anticorrosion layers, cathode peeling resistance of PP70 series may be most outstanding.

2. Throughstrict quality control and strict testing by professional testing organizations of CNPC,

our product’s main performance data (including peeling testing of prime paint steel, testing for base tension intensity, testing for insulation voltage and testing for vapor penetration rate ) are higher than the data inSY/T 0414-2007 Standard for Anticorrosion Layer of PE Adhesive tape.

3.With many years ofdevelopment, innovation, and improvement,the adhesive layer has muchbetter performance than traditional adhesive layer, in terms of more bonding force, more elasticity, aging resistance, without solidification and hardening, automatic restoreclosing after being damaged, and suitable for thermal expansion and contraction.

4. Improvement of bonding strength of adhesive tape layer may promote combination of adhesive tape with steel pipe.Bonding effectwith self combination is also realized. Hencegood water resistance and vapor permeabilityis achieved and corrosion will not occur.

5. The improved adhesive layer becomes thickened, thus resulting in full combination with weld, and the hollow in traditional corrosion material will not occur.

6. The pipe’s productionprocedure is simple, convenient and effective. Our technicians are assigned to the worksites to guide operation. Whether handwork or small tools or large electric equipment can be used winding, which is spiral. Single layer winding level can already reach the strengthening category or special strengthening in national standards. Out adhesive tape is easy to be found if winding is in conformity with design demand right after on site work, and the anticorrosion work quality of adhesive tape is easier to be controlled than traditional asphalt glass fiber and epoxy pitch coal asphalt. The adhesive tape can be prefabricated at factory based on the site’s requirement. It can also be wound at worksites. After winding, the pipe may be put down immediately into ditches and backfill without any waiting. It can also be used for patching and repair at worksites. The insulation performance of adhesive tape is stable with high insulation voltage, applicable to various bad operation conditions.

7. Our adhesive tape is anenvironmental protection product without pollution and toxic or harm to human beings.Our tape ishighly recommended by CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOCand other chemical and power enterprises.

8. The adhesive tape iswidely used in the establishment and overhaul of long steel piping, factory piping, patching, T-jointing and bending work in many fields, such as petroleum, petrochemical industry, fountain supply, municipal work, fuel gas and power work.

9. The adhesive tape may be combined with many anticorrosion materials such as 2PE, 3PE, FBE, epoxy pitch and asphalt glass fiber. As per different thickness of anticorrosion layer specified inSY/T0414-2007, the thickness one layer of PipeCoat PP70 series anticorrosion is 1.1-1.8mm for selection of users.

No further notice in case of any change in term of variety and specification, and final interpretation right is processed by Tianjin Lida Technology Development Co., Ltd.

We can make special thickness adhesive tape as per the demand of user and user may select the different thickness adhesive tapes according to pipe diameter and anticorrosion classes.

Above information is the main standard. We reserve the right to adjust. User may consult us before operation.

anticorrosion butyl rubber tape

ItemParameterStandards to follow
Base membrane materialPP mesh reinforced woven fiber

PRC Petroleum/Natural gas industrial standard


Steel piping PP adhesive tape

Standard for corrosion layer technology


Construction industrial standard Urban Gas Piping Corrosion Prevention Control Specification

American National Standard Association

American Hydraulic Society Standard ANSI/AWWA C209-00

National Association of Corrosion

Engineers standard

NACE MR0274-95

Base membrane colorBlack
Base membrane thickness0.30±0.05mm
Composition of corrosion layerbutyl rubber improved asphalt
Tape integral thickness spec1.1-1.8mm
Base membrane extension strength≥60Mpa
Peeling strength to painted steel≥45N/cm
Peeling strength to back strap≥25N/cm
Insulation voltage≥15KV
Bulk resistance rate (Ω · m)≥1×10¹²
Water absorption rate (%)≤0.2
Vapor infiltration rate (mg/24/h.cm2)≤0.45
Fungus resistanceGood
Bacterial resistanceGood
Each tape length20 or 25m
Tape width50,75,100,150,200,300 and 350mm
Storage temp.-20°C-+35°C
Operation temp.-5°C-+50°C
Use temp.-34°C-+75°C
Packaging Detail:paper case
Delivery Detail:7days

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