High tack ultra destructible label papers supplier in China,manufacturer of ultra destructible vinyl - Matt ultra destructible vinyl

Hi tack destructible adhesive vinyl, 1:manufacturer of destructible vinyl, 2:jumbo rolls,large storage for sale, 3:factory price - details see: http://www.packinghere.com/high-tack-ultra-destructible-label-papers-supplier-in-china-manufacturer-of-ultra-destructible-vinyl-10000182
Material: VinylUse: WarningAdhesive Side: Single SidedAdhesive: Silicone,Water Based Sensitive
Adhesive Type: Water ActivatedFeature: AntistaticDesign Printing: Offer PrintingPlace of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MINRUIModel Number: Matt ultra destructible vinylMaterials: Ultra Destrucitble Vinyl MaterialsColor: Matt White
Facestocks Thickness: 0.1mm±0.01Coating Thickness: 0.025±0.002mmRelease Liners: Glassine 80g , White Cotaed(168g)Temp Range: -5℃-40℃
Release Force: ≥8NPrinting Method: offset,rotary press,silkscreenJumbo Roll Size: 107cmx400m 
High tack ultra destructible label papers supplier in China,manufacturer of ultra destructible vinyl
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Minrui destructible security label papers:

We are a manufacture of self adhesive destructible security labels. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we produce this kind of special facestock by ourselves and coat the label paper with silicone and adhesive, we slit our own rolls and we diecut our labels. We accomplish all this in our 20,000 square maters manufacturing facility located just in Bao'an District,Shenzhen

City,China. This backward integration allows us to sell our product for good quality and less price than our competition and gives us greater control of the supply chain to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality goods.

We always have many square materials of raw paper stored in our manufacturing facility, and converted into labels for our customers.We offer direct destructible security label materials and their ribbons as well as wax/mixed ribbons. Our labels come in different solid colors, and you can tell us the core sizes. We offer labels designed for both hand application as well as auto-apply labels.

Custom Rolls of high tack ultra destructible vinyl materials

1:manufacturer of destructible vinyl

2:jumbo rolls,large storage for sale

3:factory price and quickly leading time (in 3 work days in common)

Ultra Destructible Vinyl Data Sheets
Facestock thickness:0.1mm
Adhesive:water-proof SENSITIVE strong adhesive
Coating Thickness:0.025±0.002mm
Dry Coating Weight:50±2g/square meter
Peel Adhesivon:12# ball
Release liner thickness:Glassine liner (80g) white coated liner (180g)
Tensile Strength:9.0kg/15mm
Color:white or you could custom other colors
Smoothness and printability :good
Release Force:≥8N
Holding Power:24 hours
Temp Range:-5---40°C
Solvent Resisrance:Good
Breaking Strength:5.0kg/cm²
Die Cutting:Good
Please check the models for different grades of frangible below:
Our destructive papers are on 4 grades of brittle Please check as below:
Grade A:very brittle of the facestock,But it is hard to cut the spare papers
Grade B:moderate brittle of the facestock,but it is tend to Grade A.The spare papers cannot be cutted by hand,cannot by machine
Grade C:moderate brittle of the facestock,but it is tend to Grade D.The spare papers can be cutted by machine
Grade D:the facestock is not very easy brittle.The spare papers can be cutted by machine For further information,please check our blog on the left in the catalog! Or you could contact with us for the date sheets and instructions,we will get you back in 24 hours!^_^
Frangile gradeModelsSuitable conditions
A11A,11A0,DO,D4for small sizes labels and for the straight corners labels.These models
cannot be die cutting,because the facestock is too frangible
B11CA2,D3can be die cutting by hands (not by machine)
C11CA4,D2can be die cutting by MACHINE
D12A3for cold temperature
But it is not the absolutly situation,because the temperature also affect the grades for the same models. Please just contact with us,we will introduce you the suitable models.
Printing instructions:

Please attention:

Some other destructible label papers (from some other companies) are very brittle,even a little morn brittle than our most brittle models.What's morn they are very sticky,you will feelling the good sticky as soon as you test them

But what's the diferences between our papers from some other destructive label papers?

1:the adhesive :

our adhesiveis water-based and the labels will have a good effect after you stick on something surface for 48 hours enough!Then the glue will permeate into the surface and they will be very sticky!That is because we have moisturizing processing,it can make the users to print and stick the labels simply!

Othersuse oil-based adhesive,they wil be very sticky and will have good sticky effect as soon as you test them the first time,but as the days passed away,the labels will be no sticky and then drop down

2:the brittle grade:

our papershave moisturizing processing,it can make the users to print and stick the labels simply!And you could storage them for a half of years.It canbe promised that the materials won't be destructed in the processing of make the papers into labels and stick on the products

Othersare very brittle,like eggshells.At first you will think it is very good of the brittle,but they will be destructed before printing in winter or in low temperatures

Because the brittle grades are changed with the temperatures,low temperatures results in high brittle.What's morn the inferior labels will increase

My Skype is:minruiemily

You could have a look at your back of the release liners,usually we have marks "HF" on the white liners (180g) of the destuctible label materials.

We also produce lots of special destructible label papers,and we combine the other security factors with our destructible label papers.Please check the catalog left :ultra destructibel vinyl for further information or contact with us directly!

Packaging Detail:on rolls,200m/400m per rolls, the width is from 3.5cm-107cm,and this is according to your requests. All rolls are packaged in cartons.
Delivery Detail:3-7 workdays

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