275 GALLON IBC TANK, SUITABLE FOR FOOD GRADE LIQUID AND DANGEROUS LIQUID. - details see: //www.packinghere.com/ibc-tank-10050894
Material: PlasticUsage: GasolineType: TANKPlace of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: SAFT   
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Rated volume:1000 Liter
Overflow volume:1058 Liter
Specific Gravity:1.9 s.g.
Length / Depth:47-1/4-in. (1200mm+/- 5mm)
Width:39-3/8-in. (1000 mm +/- 5mm)
Height with pallet:45-3/4-in. (1160 - 1162 mm +/- 8mm)
Filling opening:150 mm or 6" (152mm)
Discharge opening:50 mm
Fork opening100 mm minimum
Label plate:1or 2 piece; (Label plate front and back side 400x500mm)
Corner Protector:4 pieces made of HDPE
Weight:~ 64,0 kgs.±2
Outer Container:Rectangular grid box made from tubular steel material, with bottom plate,closed with tie-bar
Grid / Bottom Plate:Wood or Steel, galvanized
Pallet:Wood or Composite (Galvanized steel / plastic)
Corner Protector:4 pieces made of HDPE
Inner Bottle Container:Rectangular blow molded HDPE; filling opening middle top. Discharge opening: bottom front.
Bottle Material:HDPE, Translucent; Min. Wall Thickness: 0.06299-in. (1.6 mm)
Filling Opening:Filling opening DN 150 with external thread, closed with screw cap with vent
Screw cap DN 150:HDPE: 6-in. Lid w
O-ring gasket:EPDM OR VITON
Discharge Opening:Screwable Ball valve DN 50 mm (60mm) sealed w/ Al-lined PE-foil. Closed screw cap, 60 mm Metric male threading
Material:Housing ball-valve OR butterfly-valve: HDPE
Flat gasket:EPDM OR VITON
Screw cap DN 50:HDPE
Pallet:Wood-Stringer pallet (1000 x 1200 mm) or Galvanized steel pallet, 4-way entry
Wood Pallet must be heat treated and certified

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