PE surface protection film 45um

Basic film: Polythylene film, Adhesive: Stable press-sentitive acrylic, Thickness: 30-120um - details see:
Material: PEAdhesive Side: Single SidedAdhesive: AcrylicAdhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive
Design Printing: Offer PrintingPlace of Origin: China (Mainland)Thickness: 30-120um 
PE surface protection film 45um
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PE protective film is composited by PE basic film and Crosslinking acrylic resin for adhesive, through processing with several special additives, with nature of soft, adhesive performance, easy to paste, easy to peel, no residue adhesive strip. Used for surface protection, protective the product against scratch, dirt and damage during transportation and installation. Also use for shelter: when the surface needs spraying and other processing, which does not require spraying, the surface need to shelter. Apply for Galvanized rolled-coil, Galvanized rolled-coil with polymer coat and so on

PE protective film is mainly used for stainless panel, aluminum panel, aluminum profile, PVC profile, doors and windows, aluminum composite panels, Plexiglass plate, furniture, carpet, and other fileds.

Basic Tech Parameter:

  1. Basic Material:PE
  2. Thickness:0.03mm-0.15mm
  3. Color:transparent, blue, milky white, black&white, printed, and other colors ordered.
  4. Dimension:Width<1600mm, Length<1000m
  5. Adhesion:5-600g/50mm

a. slightly adhesive:Used for PET panel, glossy PVC panel, plexiglass, glossy plastic panel, glossy ceiling panels

b. low adhesive:Used for glass, mirror surface stainless panel, ceramic, glossy aluminum panel

c. medium adhesive: semi-glossy aluminum composite panels, ceiling panels, matte stainless steel, stone, furniture

d. high adhesive:Used for aluminum composite, Fluorocarbon panel, and other profile surface which is difficult to stick or with rough surface.

e. Special high adhesive:Used for the panel surface which is difficult to stick, like grinding surface, silver mirror, aluminum mirror, etc.





Packaging Detail:In rolls/carton/pallet
Delivery Detail:15 days

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