pipeline Polyethylene Anticorrosion Tape

Polyethylene anticorrosion tape to be used for anticorrosion wrapping for furnished mild steel pipe. - details see: //www.packinghere.com/pipeline-polyethylene-anticorrosion-tape-10000414
Material: PEUse: Bag SealingAdhesive Side: Single SidedAdhesive: Rubber
Adhesive Type: Hot MeltFeature: Heat-ResistantDesign Printing: No PrintingPlace of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HONGLIDACOLOR: blavk white  
pipeline Polyethylene Anticorrosion Tape
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Inner Tape ( Anti corrosion Tape Anticorrosion Tape Anti corrosive Tape for Steel Pipe Anti corrosion Coating ) System Description:

The T-100 series is Cold Applied Anti-corrosion Tape Coating Systems for the anticorrosion /anti corrosion of underground, underwater, and overhead pipelines. Butyl Rubber Adhesive of Anticorrosion Tape is a key in ground performance characteristic coupled with the low and high density polyethylene backing. This kind of tape can be applied by hand or with a wrapping machine.


Rust Removal > Priming> Inner Tape & Outer Tape Wrapping

2.1 Rust Removal

Steel Surface needs treating. Its quality shall reach Sa2 or St3 grade as prescribed in GB8923-88 Pre-paint Steel Surface Rust Grade and Rust-removal Grade, and it shall be dust-free.

2.2 Priming

Primer shall be stirred well before painting. An even film of primer is painted on the steel surface that is rust-removed completely and dust-free. After the primer dries up (one may feel no sticky). The steel pipe can be wrapping with tape (it usually takes 3 to 5 minutes). The primer dosage usually amounts to 80 to 100g / m2.

2.3 Inner Tape (Anti corrosion Tape) & Outer Tape (Protection Tape) Wrapping

The steel pipe that is painted with primer is wrapping with tape by means of suitable devices or tools as per joint needs, and wraps the inner tape and then wraps the outer tape. Tape tensibility can be 10 to 20 N / cm. The overlapped length between beginning and end of an adhesive tape shall be no less than 1/4 circumference of the steel pipe and the total length of adhesive tape shall be no less than 100mm. each film shall be paralleled, and must not be twisted and rumpled.


Mechanical Test> Plastic Test> Electric Test> Chemical Analysis> Heat Aging Test


Covered Tape by Polyethylene sheet,and then loaded to carton.

Packaging Detail:carton or up to the order
Delivery Detail:five days after payment or up to the order

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