pp woven sack

95*55cm*56gType of Bleed: thermal cutted, Composition of raw materials: recycled, The bottom of the bag: half tucked, once stitc - details see: //www.packinghere.com/pp-woven-sack-10051183
Material: PlasticPlastic Type: PPBag Type: Woven Bag 
pp woven sack
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Green bag. This is the so-called economy options, the cheapest, green or gray in color, the weight of the bag 55-65gr, top thermal cut off, 30-50kg load capacity. Raw materials used in the production of these bags is of "secondary" ie recyclable material, which is obtained by recycling the waste is already used polypropylene bags. Price is minimal. As a result, the quality and appropriate.
The use of polypropylene green bags are designed for use in industrial-technical sphere. Mainly used as bags construction debris, as well as for packing of expanded clay and other materials.
Bags for construction waste 55x95 cm
Weight: 56 grams
Type of Bleed: thermal cutted
Composition of raw materials: recycled
The bottom of the bag: half tucked, once stitched
Color: Green

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