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Industrial Packing Supplies is a business platform for gift packaging, cosmetics packaging, paper packaging, plastic packaging, apparel packaging, electronics packaging, food packaging, bottles, cans, jars, lids, bottle caps, closures.

Product Range: gift packaging,cosmetics packaging,paper packaging,plastic packaging,apparel packaging,electronics packaging,food packaging,bottles,cans,jars,lids,bottle caps,closures

Product Categories
Pharmaceutical/Medical flexible packaging sachets
1. Material :Paper / Aluminum / Plastic
2. Used for:pharmaceutical,such as granular formulation,tablet
3. Up to10 colors
PE foam liners for wine closures
With pearl luster, clean feeling
High-grade elasticity
Excellent damp proof and vacuum retention.
Composite membrane for medicine packaging
composite membrane
1.Material :Paper / Aluminum / Plastic
2.Used for:pharmaceutical packaging
pharmaceuticalmedical packaging material
pharmaceutical packaging
1.Paper /Al/Plastic
2.Used for:pharmaceutical,such as granular formulation,tablet
3.Up to 10 color
Medical Tray,Pharmaceutical Packaging,Blister tray
Medical Tray,Pharmaceutical Packaging,Blister tray, Made of PVC, PET,PS, PP and BOPS Used for Packing 10pcs of 10ml metical vial
Pharmaceutical packaging material
Pharmaceutical Packaging Material
1.Material :PET/AL/PE,VMPET/CPP etc.
2.Used for:pharmaceutical
3.Up to10 colors
plastic caps/plastic closures