Spots breaking water soluble laundry bag

Width Length Width Length, inch inch M M, 19 22 0.48 0.56, 26 33 0.66 0.84, 28 36 0.71 0.91 - details see:
Material: PVAUse: Bag SealingAdhesive Side: Double SidedFeature: Antistatic
Design Printing: Offer PrintingPlace of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name: LZY 
Spots breaking water soluble laundry bag
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Both cold water soluble and Only Hot water soluble laundry bag with red ties,shopping bag, with handle or not

Hospital and hotel used reduce infection .

18 x 24 (inch), 20mic,25 mic,30mic,35mic,40mic, 50mic,60mic, 110mic,thickness ,different color

26 x 33 (inch), 20mic,25 mic,30mic,35mic,40mic, 50mic,60mic, 110mic,thickness ,different color

30 x 36 (inch), 20mic, 25 mic,30mic,35mic,40mic, 50mic,60mic, 110mic, thickness ,different color

36 x 39 (inch), 20mic,25 mic,30mic,35mic,40mic, 50mic,60mic, 110mic,thickness ,different color

16 x 26 (inch), 20mic,25 mic,30mic,35mic,40mic, 50mic,60mic, 110mic,thickness ,different color

17 x 23 (inch), 20mic,25 mic,30mic,35mic,40mic, 50mic,60mic, 110mic,thickness ,different color

16 x 20 (inch), 20mic, 25 mic,30mic,35mic,40mic, 50mic,60mic, 110mic,thickness ,different color

Changzhou green cradleland macromolecule materials Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Guanhui international trading Co.,Ltd

was established in 2011,we are pva water soluble film bag and nonwoven fabric manuefacture which near SHANGHAI portchina, we are professionalFactorythat we always focus on water-soluble packing material development, productionandsales

Our company produce the water-soluble with the Hot temperature Cold temperature ,fast dissolve postpone dissolve and others PVA film which can dissolve by water

All the produce machine from research ourself ,quality systerm that we fellowed ISO 9001ISO14000

The technology from collegeCooperative RandD , more than 5 doctorswork with our engineer together, we can supply different solution for client request , and join the early days research and development by new product .

For Now , there are more than a hundred client from different country work together with ours , so that`s easy way just let me know yours questions and contact with me without any hesitate


Due to their chemical composition, the bags have significantly reduced impact on the environment
compared to the traditional plastic bags. The water soluble features enhance work
environment safety in fields like the medical industry or agriculture.
Hospital: Disposable medical supplies/ Medical disinfection level laundry bag.
Hygiene: Hotel laundry bag, Kitchen laundry detergent bag.
Packaging: fertilizers, pesticides, detergents, dye, cement or mineral additives…
Wide range of dissolving temperatures: 1—100 C°
For Medical use: 80-100C°
For Industrial use: 1-100C°
Film thickness: 20—120 microns
Custom Sizes up to 1.2m wide
All colours available
Compatible to chlorine / acid / alkaline products (certain grades)
Reduced static electricity / no more dust sticks to the bags
Resistant to vegetable and mineral oils, fats, hydrocarbons and organic solvents.
Barrier to odours and gas. Resistant to nitrogen, oxygen and dioxide.
No more contaminated glass or plastic containers.
No more leakage of dangerous chemicals into the environment.
Reduced labour costs (no transport and cleaning of contaminated containers)
Increased efficiency / Simple and accurate process.
Integrity of packed materials is safely preserved
Enhanced safety, no contact with contaminated products or chemicals.
Reduction in plastic waste.

Main Process


A Develop Technology Ourself From Material to film machine to bag machine.

B 110°C Heat-seal which cheif used in insecticide automatic packing machine.

C StrongTensile Strength, Our bag 600*1080mm ,thickness 25 mic maxmum packing 30KG

D Our PVA water soluble film Capacity 300 Tone each Month

E Professional Team Work

Laundry Bag Main Size List

Main Self adhesive water soluble film size

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Location in china


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Packaging Detail:waterproof packing.
Delivery Detail:depends order

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